Jabra Headphones Not Charging

Jabra Headphones Not Charging

Jabra Headphones Not Charging

When your headphones suddenly stop working then that is probably the worst thing that could happen to you. With headphones not working, you are left helpless in listening to your music and watching your favorite content because things aren’t as good to hear on a speaker as they are on headphones.

This is why we shall discuss why your headphones might not be charging. But we won’t be talking about just any headphones. We shall be talking about Jabra. Jabra is a Danish manufacturer of audio devices and the performance of their devices have been praised globally.

When the problem of Jabra headphones not charging shows up then it turns out to be a real problem for the user. You have invested so much money on them so simply just throwing them away won’t be the right thing to do. That is where we come in. We are going to bring you some troubleshooting ways that might help your headphones start charging again. 

Listen to our methods carefully and you’ll definitely succeed. Who knows, your Jabra headphones might start charging once again. Before we discuss the solutions, we shall be looking into the problems that might’ve caused this.

Jabra Headphones Not Charging


Faulty Battery

When you use your Jabra headphones over time, they are going to have decreased efficiency. Their battery is going to be drained quicker than you bought them and they will last for around 2-3 years. If you have been using your headphones for this long then that could be a possible explanation as to why they aren’t charging.

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Then again, this is a surprising problem if you haven’t had your headphones for that long.

Long Time since Last Charge

If the batteries of your headphones haven’t been charged since a long time then it is no rocket science that they might not be charging. What you will need to do here is to keep your Jabra headphones charged so that they don’t run out of battery on a frequent basis.

A discharged battery comes about when the battery has been depleted of charging so much that there are chemical reactions that take place inside the cell which prevent the battery from charging later on in the future.

Issues with Cable

Often headphones stop charging due to damage in the charging cable. The charging cable is one component that is frequently twisted and turned and all this tension manages to damage the internal parts of the wire. Here is when you might need to get your charging cable replaced because your old one won’t be charging your Jabra headphones.

The good part about this is that charging cables cost peanuts and you can get a robust charging cable online in simply a few dollars. If you feel like this could be a problem then there is no harm in spending a few bucks on a new charging cable.

Charging Pin Issue

The final problem that you could have on your hands is the charging pin issue. These pins sometimes have the tendency to get stiff upon frequent usage which is why they don’t connect to the charging case of your headphones. You will need to check your charging pin here to make sure that there is no buildup around it.

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Even if there is any kind of buildup then don’t worry about it as there are a number of YouTube tutorials to help you get rid of it from your charger.

Solutions to Charge Your Jabra Headphones

We’ve now finally reached the part where we can tell you about the possible solutions to charge your Jabra headphones. Here is a list of things you can do if your headphones aren’t charging.

Charge Using Power Outlet

A USB cable does not always provide the right charging that might be needed for your headphones. Before you do anything else, you will first need to charge your battery using the power outlet in your wall. This might be a pretty conventional method but it could help your headphones being charged again. There’s not harm in trying, right?

Clean Charging Pin Debris

We earlier talked about how there could be significant amount of buildup on your charging pin that might prevent your headphones from charging. The charging pins will have a lot of dirt in them and due to this, your Jabra headphones will suffer. A small toothpick and a tissue in it, or even a cotton swab would do you a whole lot good when you clean the charging pin. 

While you’re at it, make sure to clean the ports of your headphone case as well. 

Replace USB Cable

We can’t stress this enough because this is usually the most commonly occurring problem with so many Jabra headphones users. This is the major problem so many of them come across. A broken or loose charging cable is the major reasons that prevents the Jabra headphones from charging.

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A new USB cable just might solve this little inconvenience because more than the headphones, the problem could lie in the charging cable that you’re using. Then again, this isn’t the only problem. If you change your cable and still there’s an issue of the headphones not charging then there could be another issue that is present. 

Hard Reset

The final option that you have on your hands is to reset your Jabra headphones. Resetting your headphone helps because this resets your headphones to its settings to the time you bought them. Carry out the following steps to hard reset your headphones:

  1. Place both of the Jabra headphones in their charging case
  2. Press both left and right buttons on the headphones for a few seconds
  3. To complete the hard rest, close the case and wait for another few seconds
  4. Your headphones are now finally reset


Your Jabra headphones are a proper powerhouse in terms of sound so if a little charging inconvenience comes about then being worried is the last thing you need to do. Make sure to follow our troubleshooting methods and you’re good to go.

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