Best Wired Earbuds For Phone Calls

Best Wired Earbuds For Phone Calls

Best Wired Earbuds For Phone CallsWe live in an area where technology rapidly changes day by day. Especially after COVID-19, things have been very remote and all the communications have been shifted to phone calls either via sim networks or through other commercial platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or GoogleMeet.

Moreover, to make phone calls like a breeze with no disturbance and surrounding noises, we need earbuds for listening to phone calls with high voice output. Isn’t it? The earbuds market has exploded in every direction in recent years as Bluetooth earbuds, noise-canceling earbuds, in-ear earbuds, and more.

If you did not consider updating your earphones earlier, this could be the perfect time for you. Our earbuds list shows that you do not have to pay out a fortune to get a good sound bump. The free-of-cost handsfree are usually sub-standard for phone calls which give a more unobtrusive listening experience.

Yes, you read it right, either you have to make a lot of phone calls with no external distortion, or you love listening to music walking on the streets, you’ll find the best compatibility with wired earbuds for phone calls on the daily commute to work.

If your calls get dropped and you want to make answering calls convenient during workouts and training sessions with clear conversations no matter what, now you are on the right way!

Best Wired Earbuds For Phone Calls


You can also get a quick comparison of our selected wired earbuds for phone calls by unfolding our comparison table.

1Sony MDRXB50AP ● Driver: 12mm dynamic
● Impedance: 16 Ohm
● Sensitivity: 106-110 DB/mW
● Noise isolation: yes
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2Bose QuietComfort 20● Stayer tips: 52L
● USB cable: 12L
● Sensitivity: 43db
● Noise-canceling: yes
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3Soundcore AK-A3451011● Driver: 10mm dynamic
● Frequency : 16 Hz-20 kHz
● Bluetooth: 5.0
● Waterproof: yes
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4Sony WI-1000XM2● Driver: 9mm HD Hybrid
● Impedance: 50 ohm
● Sensitivity: 99db/mW
● Bluetooth: 5.0
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5AMORNO HT-01● Frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
● Sweatproof: yes
● Bluetooth: 4.1
● Noise-canceling: yes
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6Momentum Free Special Edition● Driver: 42mm
● Bluetooth: 5.0
● Noise-canceling: yes
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You will need a set of earphones with working button controls if your priority is to phone call. So, we have fostered the top six best-wired earbuds to you for making and answering the phone calls that deliver you multiple features, you can perform every task more effectively.

Therefore, ready to explore a big bang for your lower bucks? Here you go!

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud1.) Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

To pursue an efficient voice call with no disturbing surrounding noises and an immersive audio experience, we need subpar sound quality earbuds for phone calls. Though there are plenty of options available, the one dominating choice is Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud. Sony can play studio-quality sound and receive calls from your smartphone with amplified bass response.


If you are more into making calls, Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud can prove to be the best earbuds for phone calls. That’s primarily because it comes in three colors including Black, Blue, and Red to compliment your style. Also, it wins the race with its excellent design and microphone that are ideal for making calls.

Calls are quite audible with its powerful 12-millimeter neodymium magnet driver (dynamic type) which also produces powerful bass. It boosts vocal frequencies response from 4Hz to 24kHz and the impedance of earbuds is16 ohms delivers a loud and clear sound with high-quality and balanced audio.

MP3 earbuds offer clear, strong audio and provide optimal isolation of the sound which blocks background noise. Though it’s a nice Earbuds, a minor downside is, its in-ear tips may not fit everyone’s ears which may cause some irritation and may feel uncomfortable to wear.

But the good thing is, choosing the right ear tips is all you have to do. Its ear tips come in 4 sizes including XS, S, M, or L, choose accordingly and problem solved! These most premium-looking earbuds by Sony are multi-functional and comes with inline mic control that catches a quite good sound quality. That way, it helps you put a professional impression on the call receiver.

Furthermore, these headphone’s knobs are accessible to help you to decrease or increase the sound to find your comfortable listening level. Talking about the noise cancellation feature, it isn’t anything above-par, but as this headphone comes with an air-tight seal on the ear, it covers up effectively.

The earbuds are made from silicone material whereas the rest is made of plastic and metal that makes them a durable and reliable product. Conclusively, with slim and sleek design, quite a durable build, deep and powerful bass provided with multi-functional buttons, and 1.2mg cable.

This earbud is perfect to make and attend calls even when walking or jogging. And the best upside is, you can use it even when doing sweaty workouts and long walks and the pricing is affordable.

  • Cable is tangle-free
  • Ample tone and quality
  • Gentle and light on-ear
  • Earbuds may stick out sometimes
  • Noise isolation is average

Final Verdict:

The Sony MDR-XB50AP is an affordable pair of earphones that deliver high-quality, bass-heavy sound. It is easy to wear and feel light on the ear but unfortunately the noise isolation feature works in average mode.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Headphones2.) Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Headphones

In all types of surroundings, the first in-ear noise-canceling earbuds from Bose gives you greater control over how you listen in any type of environment for better voice pick-up. Bose has always been known for making pioneers of noise cancellation make hearing experience superior and this QuietComfort 20 is no exception.

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If you are looking for comfortable and sturdy noise cancellation earbuds for making phone calls using your android device (smartphones and tablets), QuietComfort 20 Acoustic headphones are the best product from Bose. It gives you impressive audio performance from exclusive Bose technologies


Bose headphones and earbuds let you experience almost no wind distortion during phone calls and music on the go as never before. You may enjoy lifelike unmatchable sound and audio quality that stands out from the noise around you.

Its exclusive TriPort technology delivers the balanced audio bass response, clear and accurate sound quality where you can hear your own heartbeat with the noise cancellation feature turned on.

It’s a high-profile product featuring an exclusive Noise cancellation mode that reduces surrounding distractions to focus on your music. Conversely, the Awareness mode lets you hear what’s happening around you such as when you cross a busy road, listen for an announcement in the airport, or driving a car.

The noise cancellation mode lets you shut off the world and immerse yourself in your music or let the world sink in. Its clear and crystal sound comparatively makes a difference from other quality headphones and earbuds.

And it’s even easier to enjoy your music when you’re not fussing with your headphones due to the soft and comfortable ear tips (small, medium, large). These earphones are connected with wired technology of 3.5mm jack.

Through these solid and punchy earbuds, You can enjoy cinematic screen time when you listen to high-quality sound paired with HD videos. They’re well-designed and offer almost no wear and tear.

Also, they are durable and stable to make good calls even when walking or going to the gym. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery allows you to wear it for long hours as it may last for 10 hours.

  • connected to multiple devices
  • High audio quality
  • Compatible with android devices
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Inline mic/controller is clumsy

Final Verdict:

The Bose QuietComfort 20 in-ear headphones are comparatively costly, on the other side you can get higher-fidelity sound at the price, but we can’t overlook the superb noise cancellation feature that the Bose QuietComfort 20 provides.

Soundcore AK-A34510113.) Soundcore AK-A3451011

The Anker Soundcore Spirit X Wireless earbuds allow you to place your spirit into the music you love. The Soundcore Spirit X are budget wireless earbuds for gym fans and runners to make phone calls during their workout.

This hands-free communication delivers great call quality. Its impeccable sound quality makes it the best earbuds for making phone calls with the in-line microphone even when in noisy areas. That’s because its noise isolation feature makes it stunning for high-quality sound effects.


These over-ear hook earbuds are small with truly sweat-resistant and water-resistant technology. Its IPX7 waterproofing feature means the Anker Soundcore Spirit X can handle being submerged in water. Anker calls it SweatGuard, the micro-USB port, and all the internals are sealed against water that’s why it’s conveniently used even during the rains.

The level of waterproofing offers to withstand your sweat which makes it impressive – you can make calls even on sweaty joggings. Its 10mm speaker drivers and strong Bluetooth 5.0 chipset offer powerful audio fuel to force hard-hitting bass that leaves you with no other choice for clear and audible beats except Spirit X.

The Spirit X earbuds are made from silicone tips ranging from XS to L and three additional foam tips S, M, and L which decide the right fitting on your ears. These are made from soft material and thus keep the earphones secure in your ears if wearing them whilst working out in the gym or running out.

The Spirit X comes with a three-button remote and a mic for speaking and listening to hands-free calls. These earphones produce bouncy and high-quality bass to play pumping dance or rock music.

These wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear and gentle on the ear. You can hear low subs and soaring vocals with a frequency range of 16 Hz-20 kHz but the very high-pitched sound may cause discomfort.

They offer an awesome battery life which runs for 13-hour playtime on a single charge, with unbelievable sound quality. In addition, it is ideal for students, businessmen, and gamers for making free handphone calls anywhere anytime.

  • Efficient but cheaply priced
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent water-resistance
  • Earbuds are decent to wear
  • No battery level notification
  • Bass sounds average

Final Verdict:

Anker SoundCore offer Fun sounding and sports earphones which are appealing to both gym and non-gym users at a sophisticated price.

Sony WI-1000XM24.) Sony WI-1000XM2

Explore the world of unyielding solitude where you may enjoy music in comfort without noise or disturbance. In the audio industry, Sony has convincingly developed brand equity for itself, with its devices which include the excellent ANC technology (Active Noise Cancellation).

Sony WI-1000XM2 is the best-wired earbuds for making phone calls, playing games, and watching movies. This industry-leading noise-canceling earbud comes with High definition processor Qn1 for noise-canceling and thus transmits high-quality audio.


The newly designed neckband earphones are flexible and comfortable for all-day listening to phone calls and music. These earphones come with a mic for phone calls with Alexa Voice Control which enables voice access to music information and activates with a simple touch.

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Its noise-canceling feature helps to block the background noise so you can focus on the phone calls. Its neckband design is comfortable to wear and convenient to use even for all-day listening. It leaves you with no competitive option to provide 10 hours of playback battery timing!  In addition, a 3.5mm audio jack and a plastic flap under which the USB Type-C port resides.

Sony headphones connect to an app for IOS and Android devices to control the ambient sound setting. If you love to play games at higher volumes, you can tweak the audio for a customized experience.

The ambient sound mode of this earbud is useful to communicate with clear and crisp quality whether in traffic or flight noises. This earbud’s bass is powerful because the sound is optimized across the frequencies with the HD Hybrid Driver System.

There isn’t any doubt it’ll provide you with Hi-res Audio and crystal clear mic quality so you can adore an enjoyable experience. These are highly popular earbuds to deliver optimal sound at high altitudes. The earphones are highly convenient to carry and to communicate on the go anywhere anytime because it’s the durability factor.

  • superior sound quality
  • Competent active noise cancellation
  • convenient to carry
  • Slightly bass response
  • No waterproof

Final Verdict:

The Sony WI-1000XM2 is one of the most efficient in-ear headphones. Noise cancellation is excellent, and although it is not intended to run, it works sufficiently well. The sound quality is good, however, with no water-resistant.


AMORNO neckband headset has a Bluetooth connection and little to no dropouts during calls. These are the most overlooked earbuds for optimum usage.  The foldable wireless neckband design is coming with powerful features of switching music and calls automatically when you can answer phone calls and enjoy your music freely.

These Bluetooth earbuds are foldable and retractable, so you don’t have to worry about the lines getting tangled. Also, it is comfortable to put it around your neck and easily fold it away with their ability to be folded. The flexible foldable design is used for nagging wiring, easy to fold the left and right parts when no need. These unique features at affordable pricing are a great deal.


The headphones have a well-balanced sound quality and the CVC6.0 noise cancellation feature can filter the background noise and stranded in a noisy place.  You can enjoy the high-quality sound performance with super bass through the quality of audio output.

Hi-fi stereo sound designed with the use Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring fast and excellent performance and transmission. The efficient use of energy can support up to more than 10 hours of music time, 12 hours of talking time, 180 hours of standby time with a single charge.

Support and connect the earbuds with smartphones, or other Bluetooth devices at the same time. cable size adjustment makes it more convenient and flexible. The auto-retractable earbuds allow you to retract the headphones’ wire to the length you want and pressing the retract button feature can store the earbuds automatically when no use.

You will not miss any call even if you are in a noisy environment because when a phone comes, the foldable Bluetooth headphones will remind you with a vibrating alert. Neckband headphones are waterproof and sweat-resistant.

There’s no problem when you practice sports like running, jogging, etc. that device gets damaged by sweating or bad weather outdoors. Its weight is only 53g, more lightweight and comfortable than other neckband headphones in the market.

  • price-friendly earbuds
  • charging time is frequent
  • Stylish design
  • The wire is very little.
  • Mic Cannot eliminate the background noise.

Final Verdict:

The AMORNO has a flexible folding design for sports, sweat-resistant and noise cancelling earbuds at a friendly price. These earbuds are convenient for carrying in your bag or pocket only with 53g weight, which is not too bulky as other neckband headphones in the market.

Momentum Free Special Edition6.) Momentum Free Special Edition

We require earbuds for an effective voice call without surrounding noises and high voice output. Although several alternatives are offered, the only choice for hear and be heard phone calls is Sennheiser Momentum in-ear wireless earbuds, which have a stunning and lighter design with high audio quality.

The Sennheiser Momentum Free is the best combination if you want to have no gimmicks pair of earphones that only have awesome sound. The design is somehow hit and miss and there is no noise-canceling fancy.

These earphones deliver superb sound and provide rock-solid wireless connectivity with the support of aptX MOMENTUM free delivers superior comfort sound with timeless style and lasting durability.


Momentum-free earbuds with in-ear Bluetooth 4.2 technology and aptX deliver high fidelity audio connection to your devices. The strong battery life provides playback of 6 hours from USB support which extends the listening sessions.

It is connected to multiple devices easily. You can enjoy music or answering calls on your mobile and you will experience exceptional sound clarity. 42mm audio drivers are designed to deliver stereo sound along with an active noise cancellation feature to block ambient noise. Bass is well balanced and offers a more authentic flat sound, the Sennheiser Momentum Free would not disappoint you.

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They sound really fantastic with bright and distinct mids which involve more vocals, without any screeching noise. It has a multi-connection capability with up to 2 devices simultaneously (phones and computers) with the management of three-way calling and music tracks.

The best-wired earbuds for making and answering the phone calls with a three-button remote and with a high-quality in-line microphone that provides crisp and clear sound.  These earbuds are one of the best-wired earbuds for phone calls, and the premium noise isolation feature picks your voice well even in busy environments.

In an ultra-compact ear canal headphone, you may hear the critically acclaimed HD1 sound cable-free. Exceptional low performance of audio latency delivers excellent audio and video synchronicity in watching youtube and Netflix movies and gaming experience. Sennheiser momentum sound has advanced audio coding which enhances hi-fi sound quality and provides decent coverage which is enjoyable in watching youtube and Netflix videos.

  • Powerful sound quality
  • best for phone calls
  • AptX supports
  • May be costly
  • Not every kind of music has the same reproduction

Final Verdict:

The Sennheisers earphones are the most refined wireless earbuds that have aptX support for low latency. You are not disappointed if your budget can extend that far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do Wired Earbuds Produce Good Sound Quality?

There is no power source on many wired headphones. You may connect them to an audio device through Bluetooth and use them anywhere at any time. A lot goes into sound quality for earbuds.  It might be right, wireless earbuds suffer from some signal problems which involve codecs. Simply it is easy to say yes,  wired earbuds have better sound quality for phone calls and music than wireless. Earbuds with triple drivers and having a set of Bluetooth 5.0 are better competitively low-priced earbuds.

Which Are The Best Wired Noise-Canceling Earbuds?

There is no active noise cancellation in most wired earbuds. Exceptions exist, impressively the Bose QC-20 earbuds, but most parts of the earbuds depend on noise isolation instead of active noise cancellation. Isolation is how well the earbuds seal the sound and keep it inside the ear.

Do Earbuds Damage Ears?

Children, teenagers, and young adults may be more affected, if they regularly listen to music for long hours, it is recommended that an average limit of 70 decibels to exposure leisure noise per day. Your earbuds may put your health in danger when you go to the gym or virtual meetings because earbuds go directly in your ear and cause some sweating, bacteria, and dirt, which can lead to infections. It is not so much a problem of excessive use but the problem is that it does not clean correctly. If the earbuds are cleaned properly then it doesn’t damage or affect the ears.

What Should We Look For In Wired Earbuds?

How do you define the best earbuds? either depends on the purpose you want to use or obviously, your personal taste is also considered. Do you use it for making or answering phone calls? Are you a music lover? Are you keen on a warming, well-rounded sound or do you want an incredibly high fidelity that allows you to hear the pumping sound of your music? Are you addicted to bass sound or classical music?

1.) Ergonomics:

When you are shopping for earbuds, the most important factor to consider is that wired earbuds should sit perfectly inside your canal. Mostly, earbuds have three or more ear tip sizes (X, XL, & L). However, you definitely want to see models with other sleeve types outside the standard silicone such as foam and triple flange for a snug that securely fits if you have longer or smaller ear canals. If you have sleeve canals.

2.) Noise Cancellation:

Some types of sound isolation are critical, so make sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the phone calls, tones, and dynamics of what you are listening to. Sound isolated earbuds are focused to create a physical block while noise-canceling technology stops out environment chatter. These earphones produce tight screening and sleeve designs that isolate sound from the outside noise which will help listen to smooth phone calls during noisy areas.

3.) Sound Quality:

Sound quality influences the listening experience. Impedance describes sound efficiency, if you are making or answering the phone calls in heavy noise areas like traffic, in airports, and business chatter, or if you are a music lover then sound amplification should be smooth. While the sensitivity or sound pressure level indicates how loud the sound of earbuds can get.

Frequency is the most important feature, which pinpoints the quality of low, mid, and high bass frequency. It also pays attention to the driver’s technology. There are several sound drivers but it doesn’t mean a higher driver can produce better sound, but it plays a vital role in the audio output.


Buying the best-wired earbuds for phone calls is a wise decision that must be done rightly. Out of several wired earphones,  the six products’ features and their impressive qualities as we discussed above but the choice depends on your need and taste.

That was all from us. Hopefully, this information is beneficial for you, and finally, you found your ideal fit best-wired earbuds for making and answering calls more conveniently and effectively.

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