Best Bluetooth Low Latency Headphones

Best Bluetooth Low Latency Headphones

Best Bluetooth Low Latency HeadphonesEveryone wants freedom and prefers to go here and there with free hands. In the rushy world, everyone wants casual hands-free calls, playing games with wireless headphones, and enjoying action film soundtracks at any time and anywhere. Bluetooth headphones are a great travel companion to enjoy your favorite music cable-free.

The Bluetooth (5.0) ensures solid audio quality to enjoy your phone calls, music, TV programs, and movies at any time of day or night with a great middle-ground.

Latency technology allows you to reduce Bluetooth delay and deliver high-quality sound in perfect synchronization.

The headphones with high latency are boring and annoying; therefore, everyone rushes to buy low latency headphones. Are you also on the same list? Hold on! We have come up with a handy solution. Are you wondering what?

You can buy the best Bluetooth low latency headphones in 2021 which have a combination of reliable Bluetooth connectivity and come with excellent audio quality, compact designs, and feel comfortable.

We have done extensive research and compiled top-notch headphones for you. You can pick any of those according to your choice and need. If you are lacking time and don’t want to review our entire list of headphones, have a look at our top pick.

Best Bluetooth Low Latency Headphones


You can also get a quick comparison of our selected Bluetooth low latency headphones by unfolding our comparison table.

1Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9● Drivers: 40mm
● Bluetooth: 4.2 aptX Codec
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2Avantree Aria Pro● Drivers: 40mm
● Bluetooth: 5.0 SBC
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3Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3● Drivers: 42mm
● Bluetooth: 5.0 SBC
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4Mee Audio EarBoost EB1● Drivers: 6mm
● Bluetooth: 4.1 SBC
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5HyperX Cloud Mix● Drivers: 40mm
● Bluetooth: 4.2 SBC
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6Mee Audio Connect T1CMA● Drivers: 40mm
● Bluetooth: 5.0 SBC
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To provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy Bluetooth low latency headphones, we have researched dozens of brands and flirted with those which give you excellent sound quality with a minimum latency rate.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H91.) Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9

Are you ready to return to the outside world? Switching to noise-canceling modes.

If you want to listen to music on the way without any distractions, Bang & Olufsen launched the Beoplay H9 is the state-of-the-art noise-canceling tech. It is a premium build wireless over-Ear Headphone which is best for low latency.

Now, its third generation is in the market with several high-end features of these headphones. The durable design of the headphone is extremely comfortable to wear while the headband and ear cushions are made of genuine leather and neatly stitched by using delicate sheepskin and cowhide. The filler is a shape-retaining adaptive foam that offers a comfortable fit for your ears.


The Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature eliminates background noise and gives the full power of authentic sound to be enjoyed. For a balanced and resonant soundstage, you can adjust the volume, change tracks, and pick up calls with intuitive touch controls on-device.

These headphones provide the most refined sounds with electro-dynamic 40mm drivers and two dedicated crystal-clear microphones to enhance the voice call clarity. However, the support of aptX Low Latency gives CD-quality sound and you feel no gap between visuals and audio sound.

The Low Latency codec gives you no dropouts or bad connections and presents the view content without sync issues with a maximum of 40 milliseconds delay. Adaptive may toggle between aptX and aptX HD but their compatibility swings both ways.

This model has a 4.2 Bluetooth version and supports aptX and aptX LL codes which offer great audio quality. The headphones’ connectivity supports two sources simultaneously and can be used wireless with a 3.5 mm cable as well.

One slide finicky onboard control button is for Bluetooth on/off while the Aluminium touch interface on the right ear cup is for controlling your music and phone calls. It is compatible with Bang & Olufsen app.

The newest Google Assistant integration comes with simply pressing and holding the dedicated voice button and your access to the voice assistant is ready for you. Non-Replaceable lithium-ion is 35 hours of battery life with Bluetooth and ANC Up to 25 hours while the charging time is approximately 3 hours, thanks to the biggest battery life.

  • Smooth and clear sound
  • Active noise canceling
  • Powerful battery life
  • don’t use aptX HD (aptx Adaptive)
  • Not a fit for everyone
  • Might be expensive

Final Verdict:

If you want smooth and clear sounds with active noise cancellation to enjoy your music on the go, you can trust the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9. Although it doesn’t support aptx HD, the truth is, not everyone needs such high technology. Overall, worth trying!

Avantree Aria Pro2.) Avantree Aria Pro

The Avantree Aria Pro is a pack of fantastic active noise-canceling tech and basically designed as a portable companion for home use, office, traveling, trains, or plane. Avantree presents transmitting audio wirelessly Bluetooth over-ear headphones which support advanced features of AptX LL, AptX HD to get a proper fit to optimize audio quality.

The two over-ear cups are best overall to fit, comfy enough to wear, and a portable headset with folding hinges. Enjoying rich warm detailed sound with a skinny-like texture and lightweight comfort of 231gm for all day, this decent performance and features set comes at a lower cost.

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The built-in 40 mm dynamic shifts in sound in the mid and solid bass segments help you to experience impeccably better than a CD. The headband and the swivel joints are made of metal. The overall plastic-heavy build quality is a mixture of ergonomics and soft protein earpads. Cherish high-quality luxury with lightweight, soft, and skin-like texture is suitable for long periods of time and easily fit on your ears without feeling overpowered.

you have superior high-def sound through the best quality Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones of low latency. These headphones are very suitable for gaming with the support of aptX HD to ensure a great match of audio and video. It preserves sound data through the audio transmission, offering aptX Low Latency and gives you high-quality wireless streaming.

Active Noise Control allows you to enjoy music, movies, or phone calls in peace anywhere you go, the seal is necessary for optimal audio reproduction by reducing the background noise. A detachable boom mic built-in microphone gives you impeccable voice quality for professional phone calls and untethered listening without compromising audio quality.

Google Assistant for voice commands, and control the volume of your music tracks all at your fingertips! With the support of NFC, You connect the headphones to Android phones easily just for a one-tap connection but unfortunately, this model of headphones doesn’t support AAC. The internal lithium battery life is good which runs for up to 24 hours that are compatible with long viewing sessions.

  • Flexible design
  • Decent active noise cancellation
  • Good codec support
  • Niche best use case
  • No AAC

Final Verdict:

The Aria Pro has a worthy value that offers superb aptX codec support, ANC, and a detachable boom microphone. Unfortunately, it does not support an AAC codec that connects to iPhone and Android devices.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 33.) Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Sennheiser maintains a retro styling on the outside with demonstrable audio prowess on the inside. MOMENTUM 3 is noise-canceling over-ear wireless headphones that have a nice collection of features including aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, and AAC.

Low latency is audio that keeps playing the music in a faster tune with your lifestyle and never loses rhythm than any other headphones. It is designed to let you enjoy your audio in peace with noise-canceling tech and quickly interact with your surroundings when you need to.


The headphone is very flexible in terms of connection with two devices at once and can not only be used wirelessly via Bluetooth but also corded. The jack cable can be locked so that it cannot be pulled out accidentally, and even a USB can be used as a feed.

The 3-button interface built into the earcup of the MOMENTUM 3 allows you to adjust the volume, activate Google Assistant, Alexa, and switch between music, and making hands-free calls. The music automatically pauses when you take your headphones off, and restarts when you put them back on.

your music will turn on and off when you fold the earcups open or closed as well. The ear cushions are very soft and promise a high wearing comfort, so it’s a better value for money. The broad codec supports high-quality wireless streaming by aptX HD, AAC, and aptX Low Latency to ensure lip-synchronous transmission for watching movies, podcasts, and shows, voices, and music without delay.

The features of dynamic drivers 43mm impressively balanced fidelity and produce a signature soundstage with low latency Bluetooth 5.0. A dedicated Smart Control app is available for Android and iOS to control active noise canceling (ANC) and transparent hearing, and to adjust the equalizer.

Sennheiser states a battery life lasts up to 17 hours with Bluetooth which demonstrates audio prowess and with ANC the playtime is still reduced to a good 15 hours.

  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Excellent build quality
  • No in-line mic/remote on 3.5mm cable
  • Might be costly

Final Verdict:

The Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and a range of high-quality Bluetooth codec support the connection of excellent quality. The Momentum Wireless 3 can be your next travel buddy if you want a stylish pair of headphones, overall trustworthy!

Mee Audio EarBoost EB14.) Mee Audio EarBoost EB1

A pair of in-ear headphones around the neck is a nice set of wireless earbuds which give you a convenient experience that is a bang for the buck. The good codec supports producing clear sound for music and calls and includes an in-line remote for playback, volume, or call control. These headphones have a slew of features, which allows you to use a mobile app to adjust the headphones to your specific hearing curve and enjoy your music and media with excellent all-around sound quality.


EcoBoost headphones give you a brimful experience by using MEE audio’s EarBoost app features customize the sound to each user’s hearing curve which recovers missing detail and improves clarity.

Low Latency supports for staying in sync with compatible Bluetooth devices. While aptX Low Latency supports music and other media like watching shows with clear speech and dynamic bass.

A hearing test tool is used to put together a comfortable audio profile that adjusts for your hearing curve. These headphones have good compatibility with Android devices but unfortunately have no support for the AAC codec.

Seamlessly use EB1 in quieter environments to take calls and control music playback using the built-in microphone and remote to raise the volume often.

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A wearable design built-in magnets to keep the earpieces in place until you need them. Ergonomic earpiece design offers some customizable features in 3 sizes of ear tips and flexible ear fins are comfortably fit for all day.

It provides about 7-hour battery life but when it comes to the talkative time it does not take more than six hours to continuous playback. The buds take about 2 hours to fully recharge.

While 6mm drivers inside with frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz bring smooth bass and crystal sound of music and other media. A lightweight wireless in-ear headset delivers unparalleled freedom of movement for your workout and withstands water or sweat from damage from moisture.

  • Affordable price
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Earboost app feature
  • 6mm driver is not powerful
  • Lack of AAC codec support

Final Verdict:

The EarBoost EB1 has good codec compatibility and an app that allows you to tailor the sound to your taste, all for a reasonable price that would not break the bank.

HyperX Cloud Mix5.) HyperX Cloud Mix

Bluetooth connectivity in gaming headsets is uncommon. Wireless headsets typically require adapters, while wired headsets need a 3.5mm jack or USB connection. The HyperX Cloud Mix is both your headphones and gaming headset if you’re searching for a switch hitter to go between gaming and on-the-go listening.

It simply gives a great listening experience for both wired and wireless games and music. HyperX Cloud Mix is the best Bluetooth low latency headphones for gamers who want a headset that works on PC and console the idea of something with a little more style!

HyperX Cloud Mix is the greatest solution for workers who want something comfy enough to wear all day at home.

The HyperX Cloud Mix is a closed-back dual gaming headset with thick cushions and a metal frame. The ear cups are soft and padded, and they fit nicely around your ears without placing any pressure on them even for an extended period of time. Due to low latency, you can hear all the voices clearly and promptly, so in this way, your gaming session feels smooth.


The headphones run on Bluetooth 4.2 are flexible and have a detached cable which is complete with a boom mic to make it more travel-ready and commute listening to music. The 40mm dynamic Dual Chamber Drivers settled for the internal mic and took a hybrid approach which separated the bass from the mids and highs to cut distortion and provide smoother audio.

The Cloud Mix sounds good and uses a pair of 40mm drivers to 10-40,000Hz frequency response which are compatible with Hi-Res Audio. For keeping audio in sync, these headphones cover different scenarios like aptX, aptX Low Latency codecs, and aptX LL transmitters crank out rich and high-resolution audio to get truly immersed in your gaming and audio entertainment.

For that purpose, the headset includes 3.5mm cables and splitter mode which supports any PC with separate headphone and microphone jacks. The features of these great gaming headsets are palatable at a lower cost but are hard to justify at $200 because you can get even low latency at $200.

When the real world beckons, answer the call and unplug to switch to the wireless Bluetooth mode with a consistent 25 hours long batter.

  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent codec support
  • Don’t natively support Bluetooth audio
  • No wireless gaming
  • Average sound

Final Verdict:

The HyperX Cloud Mix is a wired gaming headset with excellent codec support, so gamers, are you ready for this? It also allows you to go wireless using Bluetooth for anywhere else.

Mee Audio Connect T1CMA6.) Mee Audio Connect T1CMA

If you want to watch TV without annoying your roommates, children, or other family members, or if you want to watch TV in bed without disturbing others, you should use the MEE audio Connect Bluetooth wireless TV headphone system. The Bluetooth wireless TV headphone allows you to listen to your TV in crystal-clear digital sound without disturbing others.

Nothing is more aggravating than to watch something on TV while wearing headphones and notice that the action does not match what you’re hearing. With a pair of headphones that connect Bluetooth audio transmitters, the Mee Audio Connect T1CMA system seeks to overcome this problem.


Sometimes, watching TV isn’t the isolated experience you’d like it to be. For late nights, roommate-filled living rooms, and other moments when sound is an issue. Stream audio via Bluetooth headphones from Mee Audio Connect T1CMA system cover with a two-part solution.

The first part is a pair of headphones which consist of comfortable Matrix Cinema wireless headphones with an over-the-ear fit. These automatically pair a second headphone part and Connect Bluetooth audio transmitter that’s compatible with new and old TVs, thanks to ports for digital optical S/PDIF, 3.5mm headphone jack, and RCA ports.

The system as a whole has Qualcomm aptX Low Latency technology, which minimizes wireless audio delay for precise syncing to the action on screen. You can also add another pair of headphones or speakers for expanded streaming of video and music content.

The Matrix Cinema headphones feature comes with four sound profiles including Clear Voice mode, which makes the dialogue in movies and TV programs, clearer and easier to hear.

MEE Audio headphones and transmitters both do the legwork and can also be used with phones and tablets while two people can view and hear the same content. These MEE Audio X10 True Lee wireless in-ear headphones have a charging case that provides battery life rated at 30 hours.

Final Verdict:

By including a Bluetooth transmitter into the mix, the Mee Audio Connect T1CMA brings every scene in a streaming show or movie into sync which is sophisticated for the money.

Best Bluetooth Low Latency Headphones Buying Guide:

When you explore the market for a new set of the best Bluetooth low latency headphones, it is dizzying how many options, types, brands, and pricing range you have to choose. Furthermore, there are many things you don’t know about when you select your best Bluetooth low latency headset.

How do you know which Bluetooth low latency headphones are best for you from picking many Bluetooth headphones? Price is obviously a major consideration. For under £200/$200 you can purchase excellent Bluetooth handsets. But you frequently get what you pay for low latency, connection, and cancellation of noise.

True wireless headphones have Bluetooth connectivity which sometimes creates distortion and delays output. Let’s have a look at the best low latency Bluetooth codecs that determine the quality and rate at which the audio data is sent.

1.) Sub-band Coding (SBC):

The required default codec for all Advanced Audio Distribution profile Stereo Bluetooth headphones (A2DP). With a sampling frequency of 44,1kHz, it can achieve bits up to 328 kbps. It provides excellent sound quality without the need to encode or decode a lot. The audio quality can nevertheless sometimes be a little garbled. Particularly, noticeable in cheap with a Bluetooth transmitter.

2.) Advanced Audio Coding (AAC):

It is similar to SBC, but with better sound quality. This codec is mostly used in Apple’s iTunes and other applications of non-wireless. Unfortunately, especially for headphones, it is not very common.

3.) Audio Processing Technology (aptX):

aptX is an audio technology that powers wireless sound and responds flexibly and effectively to the best smartphones, speakers, headphones, tablets, and soundbars in the world. A CSR-designed proprietary and optional codec. It is excellent for demanding audio applications as it encodes audio at a slightly faster rate than SBC.

Additionally, there are two variations as aptX Low Latency and aptX HD which significantly reduce the latency and gradually the audio quality increases. AptX HD is designed to deliver high definition  (HD) audio over Bluetooth, to help you get the very most from your music. it is a bit limited, both the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver must have an aptX codec to work.

4.) Latency Bluetooth Headphones:

For most listeners, codecs have a bigger impact on latency than on sound quality. The standard SBC connection is usually above 100m latency that is apparent when watching movies and is sufficiently harsh to spoil your gaming experience.

The default SBC connection typically has more than 100ms of latency, which is noticeable when watching videos and may be severe enough to ruin your gaming experience.

CSR has created aptX to solve some latency-related sync problems and then aptX Low Latency codec. Regular aptX does somewhat improve latency 70ms due to its more efficient encoding algorithm than SBC. However, the most noticeable effect on latency 34ms has been seen by aptX-LL.

5.) Don’t miss an audio beat that keeps up:

AptX Low latency audio provides a sync sound with what is on the screen to give you wireless freedom. It minimizes delays and boosts audio transmission speed to provide high-quality synchronized sound so that you don’t miss a beat.

Why low latency?

For example, if you are playing a game or watching a movie and you don’t want there to be a lag between audio and Like you when gaming we don’t want there to be a lag between the audio and what’s going on-screen. We synchronize both with less delay, so you’ll hear if gamers try to sneak up!

A latency round about 40ms gained from the audio adapter with aptX Low Latency in the latest version of Bluetooth devices. So, enjoy glitch-free audio, watch your favorite TV show on the go with in-sync audio and lip movement, and definitely don’t miss a beat while playing a game with no audio or video delay ensures a fully immersive experience.


Though all the headphones explained above are worth trying, there’s no single definition of ‘the best.’ As it solely depends upon your personal preferences, choices, budget, and use. Basically, new and upgraded codecs such as AAC, AptX, AptXHD, and AptX LL have been provided for Bluetooth headphones that enhance the hearing experience and resolve latency problems.

Bluetooth low latency headphones are often more expensive than corded headphones. The second difficulty is that they have to be constantly charged. The average battery life of wireless headphones is 15-30 hours whereas the battery life of headphones varies from 6-18 hours.

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best Bluetooth low latency headphones to buy for most people in each price range. If you would like to choose for yourself, we provided the list of all our best Bluetooth low latency headphones. Be careful not to get caught up in the details.

Thanks for reading!

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