Are Headphones Bad For Your Brain

Are Headphones Bad For Your Brain

Are Headphones Bad For Your BrainYou can get rid of unpleasant sounds on the headset and often, you forget that it might be damaged your ears and body for long hours of wearing headphones. People use it regularly in the fashion style, but you don’t pay attention to its effect on the ear and body. Although headphones may not have a direct effect on your brain, there are several indirect ways in which they might harm it.

The idea of using headphones for hours towards the end is extremely attractive for many people. But Are headphones bad for your brain? The answer is not quite obvious, although a lot of contradictory viewpoints exist.

Are Headphones Bad For Your Brain?


Some people believe that sound waves enter one ear and leave the other, leading to a feedback loop that can harm the portions of your brain which regulate your hearing. Some people, on the other hand, claim that listening to music on speakers gives you as much exposure as wearing your headphones.

If you wear headphones to work or listen to loud music, this article may be the one you are looking for!

Do Headphones Really Affect The Brain?

Headphones only affect your ear and there is proof that wearing headphones leads to ear infections.  The ears and the brain are closely related, As a result, when the ear is injured, the brain may be impacted as well. Fortunately, it is not serious, and the harm may be reduced if the improper use of headphones is discontinued.

 How Does Loud Volume Affect The Ears?

The most serious issue with headphones is that people are more likely to listen to music at excessively loud volumes.

Many efforts have been undertaken to increase awareness of the risks of high volumes but people choose headphones for cranking up the volume.

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Without being affected, the human ear can take up to 90 dB. For everyone, the damage is reversible in most situations. Everything more than 120 dB decibels might severely damage the ears.

Headphones usually offer 85 decibels (justify this slight difference in decibels and also describe the relationship between listening time and decibels) which is recommended number.

Can Louder Headphones Damage The Brain?

It all depends on how loud the headphones are. Anything from 80 to 100 decibels doesn’t affect the brain while anything above 120 decibels tends to damage nerve tissues. Headphones that damage your brain are uncommon incidents more likely, you’ll feel dizziness.

The pressure can make you disoriented from the loud sounds. Headphones emit radiation that can affect your brain and it is known as non-ionizing low-level radiation. Some researchers claim that headphones can pose a danger of brain cancer, while others think the evidence is unclear and further studies are required.

What Are The Possible Ear Issues Caused By Headphones?

Here are some harmful ways in which headphones can affect your ear as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)is not only about the volume that you expose your ears through earphones but also the duration of use. Loud music induces hair cells to bend down excessively and causing temporary or permanent hearing loss.

When earphones are inserted directly into the ear canal, they seal off the ear, and no air getting in the ear which has greater chances of ear infections. These germs remain on the earphones and invade the ear canal. When earbuds are shared, bacteria from one person’s ear spread to the other which is risking for an individual to severe ear infections.

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Dizziness is frequently caused by increased pressure in the ear canal as a result of loud noise. When you use headphones for a long time it creates Excessive ear wax which increases the possibility of Tinnitus (damaged hair cells in the cochlea).

More than half of those who suffer from tinnitus also acquire heightened sensitivity to normal ambient noises, Hyperacusis is the medical term for this condition. Long-term use and uncomfortable fit headphones might cause pain in the ear.

So, Are There Any Effects Of Headphones On The Brain?

Headphones produce electromagnetic waves that are resulting in problems for the brain as well in the long term. High dBs withdraw insulation from sensitive nerve fibers (these fibers carry signals from the ear to the brain). In the meanwhile, ear infections can also indirectly affect the brain, headphones damage to the brain is quite a rare case

Wanted To Be Safe? Follow the 80/90 rule!

The 80/90 rule means your listening period is limited to 90 minutes for volumes around 85 decibels.

Following this guideline is extremely straightforward and it helps you to keep your ears healthy but if you have more listening time then less the noise level.

Please remember! it is not advisable to elevate loudness to more than 90 decibels, which is between 60-70% of your speaker’s volume.

Some Handy Tips To Avoid Ear And Brain Damage:

1.) Choose Active Noise Cancellation:

Most of the time, listening to the music on loud volume is a problem, because when you’re in a noisy environment, you usually turn up the volume. But if you have headphones then there is no to turn up the volume.

Because headphones with the feature of active noise cancellation, block out the noise from the environment. So it is highly recommended that you should have active noise cancellation headsets for avoiding ear and brain damage.

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2.) Choose Headphones Instead of Earbuds:

It is Understandably that there are a lot of earbuds lovers among you and earbuds have several characteristics that headphones don’t have. But earbuds are more likely to lead to ear infections and hearing loss because earbuds are closer to the ear. Furthermore, noise-cancellation is weaker in earbuds and requires you to increase the volume more frequently.

3.) Wear Comfortable Headphones Only:

If you pick a comfy set of headphones, you can prevent the unpleasant pain that comes with them. We understand that getting the perfect size headphones takes some time and effort, but it’s well worth it. We definitely suggest a comfy set of headphones if you use headphones daily.


This piece of this article helped you to know about are headphones bad for the brain? Literally! You know that headphones are not bad for your brain but hearing loss and ear infections can be caused by bad headphones usage and ear injury can lead to nerve damage in the brain. If you wear them for a short period of time and make sure that they are comfortable as well as not very loud then you can avoid ear damage!

Always remember that there are no such things as good headphones since they are dependent on the sound frequencies that you enjoy. Simply try with various styles until you discover one that best suits you.

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