Does Headphones Cause Hair Loss

Does Headphones Cause Hair Loss

Does Headphones Cause Hair LossWe cannot imagine a world without hair on our head,  Of course, without hair, someone looks older or unattractive and also gives us huge protection for our scalp. simply means that hair makes us attractive and is a huge part of our personality or identity which builds our image.

Today people are very busy and have no time for physical fitness with their daily activities. Here we are going to examine headphones cause hair loss really? Nowadays, numerous activities pass through the headphones and it became more universal equipment among our generations.

Does Headphones Cause Hair Loss?

The majority of headphone makers design their products to be secure on the head. Could this snug-fitting be the cause of hair loss among headphone users? Hair loss caused by headphones is uncommon but curable. Let’s clarify things up because the quick response may have made you nervous.

What’s The Probability Of Hair Fall Due To Headphones?

Have you ever worn headphones with a non-adjustable band? If so, you’re aware of how uncomfortable those situations can be. The headphones are either too loose or too tight, the band will pull your hair if they are too tight.

This appeals to both men and women with long hair. Wearing your hair in a ponytail has the same impact as wearing headphones that are too tight. The brand’s friction tugs the hair from the roots.

Headphones that don’t have a speck of padding both on the band and earcups are caused by hair loss sometimes but not usually because when you are walking along, listening to music headphones are being pushed to your hair without even you notice this.

While strong hair follicles will withstand this pushing and pulling but the weak hairs would the given in, which means that thin hair is more susceptible to get broken. Similarly in the case, if you have dry hair which is weaker than naturally colored ones.

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The heavier headphones with tight-fitting may also be a cause of hair loss and this problem comes from cheap headphones which are those with a built-in mic. In addition, bulky headsets can also cause your headache because you wear headphones for many hours in a day.

So it really can result in hair loss. What worse! You can solve the problem of tight-fit headphones by loosening them up a bit, no such remedy is available to reduce the weight of your headphone. Therefore, in a nutshell, headsets cause hair loss when the headband is pulling your hair.

1.) Just A Myth Or Reality – Science Facts:

There is a widespread misconception on the internet that headphones may induce hair loss. As a result, we can confidently state that, according to a scientific study, headphones may not be the source of your hair loss.

Many people who heard that hair loss is caused by headphones instantly reject the concept because genetic and nutrition causes of hair loss instead of headphones.

There is a chance that you are genetically predisposed to hair fall or thinning which means you can see a gradual reduction of hair of your hair volume throughout life.

2.) Common Causes Of Hair Loss:

There are many reasons why people experience hair loss, some of the reasons are beyond the person’s control as Genetic factors which is the major cause of hair loss from heredity. Hair loss is something you inherit from your material side, it means that your hair follicles are sensitive to male hormones which causes the follicles to shrink over time and produce finer and sorter hair.

Stress and Anxiety are other causes for hair loosing, most people suffer from stress and anxiety when their mindset is not undertaken from their normal situation. When you are under deep stress, it might be affecting the immune system of your body which attacks your hair follicles.

Medications affect your body because any chemical you consume or use topically can potentially cause hair loss. Birth control pills, mood stabilizers, even antibiotics & acnes treatment can cause hair loss.

Nutritional Deficiencies stand as common causes of hair loss because our diet provides all nutrition for our hair. If we get enough calories, water, fruits, and green leaves sufficiently, we can prevent hair loss. Get sufficient vitamin C, vitamin D, Riboflavin, Zinc, vitamin B12, and Folic acids for the strong and heavy volume of hair.

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Hormonal Imbalance Hormones also play a huge role in hair loss. If we have a good balance of hormones we have healthy, strong growth. If it is imbalanced it can be numerous health issues.


Traction Alopecia May Be The Reason:

The condition where you loosing hair from constantly pulling is called traction alopecia or hair loss. It is quite rare because you get strong headaches before it takes seriously. That means it is easy to notice.

Many people have heard of alopecia which is familiar with Alopecia areata. an autoimmune disease that outcomes patches of missing hair and baldness caused by friction.

Traction alopecia is baldness caused by friction or traction exerted to the hair follicles, it’s very treatable if caught early. While some people experience traction alopecia is caused by wearing tight braids or tight ponytails.

when wearing headphones, you must constantly adjust them for comfort. Moreover, with adjustment, there is rubbing (traction) on the scalp. Headphones nowadays are comfortable with an adjustable headband.

Musicians are more prone to Traction Alopecia because they have to wear tight headphones intentionally during the recordings for several hours.

How To Avoid Hair Fall Caused By Headphones?

There is no reason to worry if you normally use your headphones but when you use tight headphones for more than two each day, you will lose hair which can be caused by traction alopecia. So, wear a hat or lose the headphone band, the headphone can also be worn to the rest of your neck and every time maintain your hair in a relaxed condition.

1.) Wear Headphones with Adjustable Band:

Manufacturers of headphones commonly offer non-adjustable headphones as “self-adjusting” headphones. These friction-producing headphones have an elastic band or cushions which sit firmly on the head which can not be loosened. So, Comfy headphones fit perfectly, without hair tugging.

2.) Choose a Headphone Light In Weight:

headphones with high-powered drivers tend to be quite heavy. However, you should try lightweight headphones if you don’t need headphones with heavy power (volume).

3.) Wear Headphones With Paddings:

Headphones with good headband cushioning are also more comfortable to wear. They also decrease the pressure and clamping placed on your head by your headphones. It also properly distributes the weight of the headphones, removing the bulk of the stress from your head.

4.) Placing The Band At Your Head’s Back:

This is one is the quickest and easiest methods to prevent hair loss from headphones loss of hair. Actually, many people do and find it more comfortable without even knowing that there is traction alopecia exist.

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Place the band on your back rather than the top of your head, in this way, the band does not produce traction. The speakers are still sitting over your ears and there is no chance you will lose hair even if the band is not adjustable.

5.) Keep Your Headphones Clean:

As the headphones collect all the unwanted germs and might have bacteria which have a higher risk of getting dandruff and hair may fall out, ear infection, clogged up ears cause hearing loss or hair loss.  You take a shower and change your clothing every day to avoid exposing yourself to harmful germs and bacteria.

6.) Try To Use Headphone Alternatives:

There are alternative approaches to listening to music even if you are a musician or an audio professional. A great alternative to wearing headphones during recording sessions is to simply use in-ear monitoring.

In-ear monitors like Mee Audio EarBoost EB1, Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud, Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic can be used for live shows and recording. No more wearing headphones that have Sweat and germs of other persons. Custom-fitted in-ear monitoring headphones design that fit your ears literally sounds like a dream.


Throughout this article, we discussed about does headphones cause hair loss? According to a variety of research and scientific investigations, as well as forum studies, the answer is a clear NO. Might be is feasible but very seldom with more sensitive hairs. It’s also possible that readjusting headphones without releasing them will induce traction on the scalp. These elements may all contribute to traction alopecia in the long run.

When headphones are worn excessively tightly, they not only put a lot of strain on the hair and scalp, but they also pull on the hair. When you move around constantly while wearing tight headphones, your hair gets pulled a lot. So, wear comfy headphones and keep your hair in relaxing condition like ponytail or bun for women, Men should wear a cap while using headphones.

Thanks for reading!

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